Aequor Technologies gets 2019 Top Workplaces Award

Aequor Technologies gets 2019 Top Workplaces Award


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Date: 2019-06-21

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Aequor Technologies gets 2019 Top Workplaces Award

Leadership at Aequor Technologies strives to meet the needs and ambitions of its employees

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Piscataway, Aequor is a leading U.S.-based, Contingent Staffing and Managed Services Solution provider specializing in providing workforce solutions to health care and pharmaceutical industries with clinical, scientific, regulatory, allied health, IT, and therapeutic workforce needs. The company’s proven ability to offer a one-stop solution addressing the full spectrum of clients’ workforce solution needs has resulted in a competitive advantage that differentiates Aequor as a superior service provider. The company has accordingly amassed a diverse roster of nearly 300 customers that includes Fortune 500 life sciences companies, leading regional and national health care and hospital systems, rehabilitation providers, and public entities such as school systems and federal agencies.

Aequor services its clients from its global locations spread across North America, Europe, and India. Currently, Aequor operates in multiple states within the U.S. and maintains branch locations/delivery centers in New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Texas, and California.

Since its inception in 1998, the founders of Aequor have cultivated a workforce that is committed, engaged and passionate about not only their personal success, but also the success of the company.

“We are proud of all that we have accomplished over the past two decades but none of it would have been possible without the support of every staff member. I would like to thank all of our staff for their hard work and commitment in making the last two decades successful for Aequor. I am really proud of our diversity, the culture, work environment, integrity, commitment of people, teamwork and great teams just to name a few of our good differentiators. Overall, the last two decades had been full of challenges and changes and some were anticipated, and others had taken us by surprise,” said Kamal Virdi, CEO of Aequor. “All in all, most changes had been extremely positive. We were fortunate that we were not only able to tackle these challenges, but were able to learn from our mistakes. It was all possible because we all came together as a team in time of need and bounced back for a quick turnaround. We look forward to a similar continuous growth and success in the coming years.”

Aequor has continued to follow the simple rule of “BUILD YOUR CORE AND THEN GO FOR MORE.” Aequor has stayed focused on its vision to see Aequor’s name on the Top 10 Staffing companies in U.S.  “A top priority for our leadership team is to create an environment worthy of the outstanding individuals that define Aequor. We believe in creating a truly collaborative and culturally diverse workplace. We like to say that Aequor is like the United Nations of the labor force — our employees in the United States and globally span more than 40 different nationalities,” said Manmeet Virdi, co-CEO.

Aequor maintains a strong set of company values that sets it apart including personal integrity, professional ethics, dignity, respect and an unyielding commitment to teamwork. These values allow the company to deliver superior service to clients and a warm, engaging culture with the internal teams. “Employees appreciate working for a company that allows them to follow their passion and grow as professionals; we constantly strive to meet the needs and ambitions of all our employees,” said Hilda Nieves, director of Human Resources. “Tangible benefits to full-time staff includes medical, dental and vision insurance as well as other ancillary health care benefits and 401k.”

In the spirit of fostering a healthy working environment, every workday at Aequor starts with a free, healthy breakfast for all employees, designed to boost energy levels and provide an opportunity to interact with co-workers.  All employees look forward to this each day and truly enjoy it. This not only engages the employees across teams and management levels, allowing them all to come together to share a meal before the start of their day, but it also brings a tremendous sense of team spirit.

Throughout the year Aequor organizes multicultural food events where employees bring in menu items representative of their ethnicity. Other year-round festivities include a backyard barbecue, pizza lunches and luncheons. Sales members that reach their goals enjoy additional perks such as lunchtime appreciation cruises or an afternoon of fun at Top Golf. The company’s annual holiday party is a favorite perk among employees and follows a different theme each year. The event also provides an opportunity to recognize outstanding team members with a series of awards including the ABCD (“Above and Beyond the Call of Duty”) Award, as well as honors for Best Recruiter and Best Account Manager, among others. A free vacation is given to the winner of the President’s Award, the highest honor an employee can receive.  

Aequor strongly believes in giving back to the community. Employees come together to get involved in local charitable causes, working toward a common goal for the betterment of the community. This past November, Aequor hosted a Holiday Food Drive for SHIP (Samaritan Homeless Interim Program), which provides emergency shelter and rental assistance to homeless or near-homeless individuals and their families. Employees also participated in the March for Babies, a charitable walking event sponsored by the March of Dimes.

“Aequor’s biggest strength is our employees,” said Kamal Virdi. “Aequor is extremely proud of our team and we have the best employees that any organization of our size can have. Aequor’s management belief is that you don’t build businesses, you build people and then people build businesses. Aequor has been growing and moving toward transforming itself from a good to a great organization and the only reason is due to all our teams and the valuable addition of the right people to our teams year after year so that we can all figure out where to drive this company and take it in the right direction.”

 Lori Crowell